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Hubang experiences eight years of development. The company scale and market share are expanded continuously. We always remember our creed – "Hubang" means "a mutual loving group". It instructs Hubang to care about our clients, our employees and the society, as well as the real demand of the user. Every day, Hubang's products and services are delivered to health product stores, pharmacies, disabled federation, hospital, supermarket and other terminal channels through our distributors, and then to all people with trouble in walking who are eager for free walk. We not only sell products. What is more important is that we convey hope of free walk. The richer and more effective our channel is, the more and the farther the hope will be.

Therefore, Hubang attaches great importance to channel expansion, management and construction. We try to set up long-term strategic cooperation with distributors, set up a complete distributor management system, help distributors to improve professional sales and management capacity, improve competence of channel and promote common development and progress of both parties, thus embodying spirit of "mutual-help and mutual-love" in a real sense. We are willing to share experience, knowledge and success with distributors, cooperate sincerely under the guidance of company vision, and strive for further improvement on the existing good cooperation foundation, so as to create a wide, smooth and high-efficient business channel to serve more Chinese people who have trouble in walking and make them walk freely.

Channel management is the market foundation of Hubang to realize long-term development. It is an indispensable strategic task of Hubang in overall market strategy, and a solid foundation for improvement of life quality of the old and rehabilitation of the disabled. We'll "go hand-in-hand and create brilliance" with distributors.